Press material

Here I have collected some additional material that may be useful to the press. You can find alternative images that put the story into context.

Alternative figures:
I've made 3 different versions of the PR figure. High res versions are here.

Pictures of flooding events
pictures from flooding events caused by extreme events (storm surges) are relevant because the likelihood of critically high sea level greatly increases when mean sea level rises even 30 cm (we project ~1 m rise).
  • The strong tidal surge hitting east anglia, UK in nov9 2007. Nasa image and a photo from freefotouk (creative commons).
  • FEMA has a large photo library. in that there are lots of photos of the damage after storm surges (mostly from tropical cyclones). They can be used for free i think.
  • Venice had a very recent flooding event. Here's a fun youtube video of wakeboarding in the Marcus Square. A lot of the flooding was caused by rain, but if the canal water levels were substantially lower then it would not have resulted in flooding.
  • Some useful photos from Flickr with a creative commons license that allows commercial use: Storm surges in UK
  • The flooding in Myanmar caused by Tropical Cyclone Nargis. Sat-Photo from NASA.
  • I would also recommend the photos of a storm surge at Guernsey island by Richard Lord here.
  • also have a really nice photo with id: emp.1530700 
  • Old Archive photos from NOAA can be used free of charge (here are the terms).

Storm surge from Hurricane Carol lashes Rhode Island Yacht Club
Rhode Island 1969
Photo credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce

New Orleans/ Katrina photos have complications due to local factors. (Although it is clear that, if mean sea level is a meter higher, then you dont need quite as big a storm to surmount the obstacles. therefore the likelihood of such devastating impacts greatly increases. -Assuming adequate adaptive measures are not taken).
Inundation maps are available from CReSIS.
The indundation figures from the cresis website can be used if proper credit is given. I was instructed that you can use these images by simply giving credit to the CReSIS and Haskell organizations and the webpage.
Map Credit: " Indian Nations University"

Greenland and Antarctic Glaciers
There are two big contributors to global sea level rise: Thermal expansion of the oceans and melting of the ice masses on earth. The great uncertainty is how rapid the large ice sheets respond to warming. The present models (i.e. those used in IPCC) can not show the rapid dynamical changes observed. Therefore a picture from one of these glaciers can be used to put the story in context (as they have accelerated beyond expectations) .
  • Helheim, Greenland
  • Jakobshavn, Greenland
  • Pine Island/Thwaites, Antarctic
There are probably more, but these are good candidates.

Links to other useful material:

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