EGU 2014

Me at EGU 2014:

  • Convening the sea level session (Friday afternoon – you are welcome!)
    • Surface velocities at Engabreen produced from time-lapse feature tracking (Alex)
    • Sea level projections from FAR to AR5
    • Sea level rise projection for Northern Europe
    • Trends in global and regional sea levels since 1807 (Sveta)
    • Haar Wavelet Analysis of Climatic Time Series (Zhang)
    • Trends in normalized hurricane damages in the US

I put some pdfs of my posters below (as I make them and as i decide whether they should be on the internet). The regional sea level projection will not be uploaded before i have submitted a manuscript.

I decided to make my posters in inkscape after some painful experiences with powerpoint created pdfs that turned out crap regardless of which workarounds I tried. I also used adobe inDesign which is really cool but also has a bit of a learning curve when you only use it once per year. Inkscape is limited, but perhaps that is a good thing. Atleast it has been a very smooth ride thus far. Three posters in 2 days (including analysis for one of them). So I highly recommend it for posters.

Another possible workflow would be to use powerpoint for all the text layout, export as pdf, and then import it in inkscape to do the final tweaking. (Powerpoint tip: avoid shadows/transparencies/gradients if you want nice prints)