A workflow for video presentations

Video presentations are a powerful way of getting your science across to a wider audience. I recently published a scientific study on some very large Jökulhlaup in East Greenland. I wanted to have a video with the press release, but as our go to guy was on vacation I had to do it myself.

Here’s the tools and a brief overview of the workflow I used to create the video.

  • I first made a outline of the video. It basically consisted of the texts on each slide.
  • I used Matlab to animate a figure from the paper (the filling and emptying of the lake).
  • I used Google Earth Pro to create a video zooming to the site.
  • I used power point to create an slide show. I recorded the timings for each slide [Slide Show]-[Record Slide Show]. Once that was done I exported as a wmv file. Don’t export as mp4, as that is buggy in powerpoint.
  • I decided to make a little ambient sound track rather than narrating the video. So, I spent a few hours composing it in Propellerhead Reason.
  • I layered the music and the different video clips in OpenShot. It turned out to be very user friendly.