FEniCS on windows

FEniCS is a really nice tool for finite element modelling in python. It is difficult to install FEniCS on windows. The official instructions use a docker image. which I think is a bit heavy handed. I therefore installed it in a WSL-Ubuntu (Windows Subsystem for Linux). My experience with that has been friction free, so here are some very brief notes of what I did.

In windows

  • Enable WSL and install Ubuntu from the windows store
  • Install VS Code

In VS Code

  • Install the WSL remote plug-in
  • Install the “Python” plugin (the one from microsoft).

In your freshly installed ubuntu:

  • Install miniconda
  • conda install mamba -n base -c conda-forge
  • mamba install -c conda-forge matplotlib numpy ipykernel fenics
  • code my_test.ipynb

In new VS Code editor window

The final command should open up a new notebook file in a new VS code editor window. In this new VS Code window, test that you can import fenics.

  • Add this line to the my_test.ipynb file from fenics import *